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World of Gadgets – where Design, Fashion and Innovation converge

Red Monster

Established since 2012, Red Monster™️ has exclusively developed products with Premium Quality without the Premium Price Tag!
Where Design, Fashion and Innovation Converge.

This innovation is being now led by our 4 Keys Products:

Red “Little Red Dot” a nickname often used in the media, and in casual conversation, as a reference to Singapore, and we are from Singapore!

Monster is often a type of grotesque creature, whose appearance frightens, and whose powers of destruction threatens, and our Power Beyond Life!

Here at Red Monster, we see things a little differently, although Singapore is just a little “Red” dot, but we have our vision.

“Monster" vision is a big, powerful and loud creature, which succinctly sums up every single bit of what our company, staffs and products are about, Red Monster™️.